Screw Rounder SFERA

The screw rounder model “Sfera“ is ideal for rounding pieces of all kind of dough from 30 gr to 1000 gr, both with hard and soft or very humid dough. Very easy to use and practical to dismount for cleaning, it has a very reduced consumption thanks to the single phase tension (220 volt). The machine is able to mould more than 1800 pieces/hour and can be used both in pizzerias and bakeries. The rounding system makes use both the gravity and the centrifugal force limiting at the minimum the pressure on the dough. This allows not to alter its temperature and elasticity avoiding the stress. Built in stainless steel, with a powerful motor and a simple mechanics, it is a very reliable machine. The rotating cylinder in plastic material is certified for alimentary use.

• Solid and strudy stainless steel structure
• Interchangeable aluminium endless screws
(tefloned for delicate pastry dough- on request)
• NSF certified plastic cylinder
• Stainless steel Output Tray
• Easy to clean and maintenance
• CE rules

WARRANTY: 1 year


Model kW Weight (kg) Range weight (gr) Dimension (mm)
PSR SFERA 0.18 70 50/650 400x610x858
0.18 120 50/1800 540x770x1050