Automated mixing system DIRECT LINE MIX

The model Direct Line Mix is the easiest and is made of mixer with removable bowl, the trolley of which, at the end of the mixing, comes out of the machine and locates itself in the forks of a lifter mod. Maciste, that lifts and overturns the dough into the hopper of a volumetric divider for feeding a bakery line. The system is controlled and run by a PLC with touch screen, while the movements are made by hydraulic pistons controlled by an unique control board located on the backside of the mixer. It is possible to interface a feeding system of raw materials, flour, water, salt, yeast and so on automatically with the purpose to get a programmable system able to guarantee constancy and uniformity of production with considerable savings of money, labour and reduction of eventual human mistakes. This system is advised in the easiest plants with mixers of 160 kg as max.

Easy structure and compact dimension
Constant and uniform production guaranted