Spiral mixers with bottom discharge GOLD LINE

The spiral mixers with bottom bowl discharge enable the dough discharge directly on a conveyor belt or into removable bowls. This device makes them very versatile and enables them to be used in all the dough processes. In this way any problems of handling and of the lay-out of the production processes can be solved. A system could be made up of one or more mixers to feed directly one or more production lines or of some bowls resting into the proofing chamber. The belts transmission and the spiral motor have been widely regulated with a greater power supply therefore it can work under the hardest situations. The bowl rotates thanks to a gear system and is moved by a transmission with an independent motor driven by an inverter enabling both its speed regulation and the bowl inversion. A hydraulic system opens and closes the bowl discharge hole and the mixer head. The control board is made of a touch screen panel that enables the recipes storage. It is located in a comfortable position on an outer box (usually on the right) which also includes the emergency push button and all the indicator lights. The electrical equipment is located in the same watertight box with an anti dust pressurization system what makes the eventual inspections and ordinary maintenance very easy to do.

Bowl, spiral, shaft in stainless steel
Two motors: 1 for the 2 speeds spiral and 1 for the bowl with inversion
Bowl jogs button
PLC control panel
Bowl rotation by gear system
Bowl speed regulated by inverter
Stainless steel adjustable feet
Control board by touch-screen panel on external box
Mixer head and bowl discharge hole driven by hydraulic system
Safety protection bar

Special tools
Special tension
Higher power versions
Stainless steel version
Dough thermal probe
Bowl scraper
Variable tool speed


Model kW Weight (kg) Voltage Bowl (Lt.)
GL 160 SF 9/11 1300 400/3/50 230
GL 200 SF 9/11 1330 400/3/50 290
GL 250 SF 14/18 1350 400/3/50 370
GL 300 SF 14/18 1370 400/3/50 400