Tipper lifters

It is made of a structure in electro-welded steel sheet supported by a stainless steel plate that guarantees its stability. It is equipped with two hydraulic tippers rotating on the same axis. Its goal is tipping dough, coming from wheeled bowls of mixers mod. VE or RB, into rest bowls for the ripening of dough or yeasts. Once the ripening cycle for getting natural leavens is completed, they can be tipped in their turn into the wheeled bowls and put into the mixers and adding more flour, water and what else necessary, you can get the fi nal dough. Thanks to the double tipper the finished dough can still be tipped in the soviet type bowls for a possible further rest before the fi nal use.

Structure in electrowelded steel
Horizontally pivoted tilting double system with independent pistons
Support plate in Stainless steel
Safety protection ring
Double control left and Right
Side hydraulic control board
CE rules
GOST certification

Special tensions
Different bowls adjustment
Tefloned chute


Model kW Weight (kg) Voltage Discarge (mm) Lifting capacity (kg)
SINGLE TIPPER 2.2 480 400/3/50 1200 400
DOUBLE TIPPER 2.2 650 400/3/50 1200 400