2 cylinders grinding machine RF300

As the Plus version, the RF300 is a sturdy and simple grinder, equipped with 300 mm cylinders in granite, abutments in cast iron, hardened, casehardened and rectified gears. It is very easy to clean as the scrapers can be dismantled without any difficulties. All granulated products can be grinded at best, thanks to the 6 mm max span of the cylinders and their different speeds. The collector basin and the lateral cases are in stainless steel; the charging hopper is in non- toxic material and is protected by a grid. Its weight of 190 kg is a sign of a very sturdy and long-lasting machine. It is equipped with wheels to move it easily.

Granite cylinders
Cast iron shoulders
Hardened, tempered and rectified gears in oil bath
Max cylinders opening mm 6
Asynchronous speed cylinders
Safety protection
CE rules
GOST certification

Special tensions
Rear oscillating cylinder


Model kW Weight (kg) Voltage
RF300 1,10 186 400/3/50