Sheeters SFG

SFG 600 and 500 is the name of the new sheeters’ line for artisanship created by Sigma. The cylinders with a big diameter, a very reliable and tested mechanics together with a pleasant and easily cleanable aesthetic line are the expression of the effi cacy and functionality of these machines. Bored shoulders in anti-corodal steel, ball bearings on all movements, universal and reversible scrapers, soft and precise control are the major diff erences of these sheeters compared to the previous ones. They can roll all kind of alimentary dough, obtaining thin and constant thickness, guarantee of uniformity in the cooked products. The machines are supplied with a low tension electric control panel, blocking wheels for a better movement, rising belts to limit the encumbrance of the machine, easily removable scrapers for the ordinary cleaning. The ergonomical and functional aspect is particularly cared, the maintenance is reduced to the normal cleaning and to a periodical checking.

Rolling cylinders ground and polished in hard chrome Ø 73
Belts with different speeds
Universal and reversible scrapers
Max cylinders opening mm 48
Rising and dismountable arms
Bored shoulders in anticorodal steel
Single-phase inverter
GOST certification
CE rules
Triangle size for cutting device: mm 60×80/80×100/140×130/140×180

Special tensions
Rollers for round or square cuts


Model kW Weight (kg) Voltage Carpet dimension (mm)
SFG 500 B 0,55 142 400/3/50 500×700
SFG 500 T 0,55 170 400/3/50 500×700
SFG 500 TM 0,55 185 400/3/50 500×1180
SFG 600 TM 0,75 232 400/3/50 595×1180
SFG 600 TMM 0,75 260 400/3/50 595×1600
SFG 600 TL 0,75 300 220/1/50 con gruppo taglio