Dissolving Tank

Tank suitable for dissolving and keeping chocolate and fats such as pats of butter, palm oil and margarine at a constant temperature. Self-supporting structure completely made of stainless steel that rest on 4 feet. It comes complete with a product discharge cock with ball valve, electric board on the machine with electronic thermostat for temperature control, heating using electric heating elements and bainmarie operation. Gearmoter assembly complete with stirrer arm having side and bottom scrapers; fixed tank cover half closed and half that can be opened for adding products.
Suitable for dissolving and keeping ingredients at a costant temperature
Supporting structure complitely made of stainless steel
Model Volume (Lt.) Product capacity (Lt.) Electric resistance (kW) Motore (kW) Weight (kg)
TK100 100 80 2.5 .75 140
TK200 200 160 2.5 .75 180
TK300 300 240 3.75 1 250
TK500 500 400 6 1 300