Horizontal mixers ZETA MIX

The ZetaMix Horizontal Mixers are constructed entirely in a very thick stainless steel AISI 304, guaranteeing toughness and reliability. Their linear and simple shapes facilitate all the cleaning. The particular Z-shaped mixing arm, the result of long experience, is made in one cast AISI 304 stainless steel and polished piece. It is mounted on 4 sized bearing balls and is driven by an engine of big power. On demand a lubrication automatic system of the mechanical parts can be installed. The bowl, made in AISI 304, can be equipped with a cavity on the entire surface, for obtaining the desired temperature of the dough uniformly. It can bend of 105 ° thanks to a hydraulic system that allows an easy and convenient emptying. The electrical board of absolute reliability, includes the control panel, buttons and warning lights cycle, low and high-speed timer to control the timing of work and an ammeter to check the proper absorption of engine power. On customer’s demand the machine can be equipped with a PLC for setting and saving recipes, a system for the automatic feeding of the ingredients, a thermal probe for taking the dough temperature and wheeled bowls for emptying the product. Toughness, power, hygiene and easiness of use are the main characteristics of the ZetaMix Horizontal mixers, essential for the production of biscuits, cakes, crackers and salty.

Toughness and reliability garanteed
Particular Z shaped mixing arm


Model kW Weight (kg) Bowl (kg) Bowl (Lt.)
ZETA MIX 300 14.7/22 3530 180 300
ZETA MIX 550 22/33 5320 330 550
ZETA MIX 800 33/45 6500 550 800
ZETA MIX 1100 44/62 7800 650 1100