Spiral mixer lifters MACISTE

Maciste is a tipper for bowls on wheels of spiral mixers with removable bowl. It is characterized by an electro welded sturdy steel structure with slide guides and trolley similar to the best lifting systems of lift trucks. Therefore the main characteristics are total reliability and simplicity. The lifting and the unloading occur one after the other by the use of one powerful hydraulic piston that, thanks to a double chain, makes the complete course. The lifter Maciste is produced in three versions according to the different discharge height: 1,3 mt, 1,9 mt and 2,6 mt. Maximum lifting weight 400 kg.

Structure in electrowelded steel with galvanized paths
Safety protection ring
Floor supporting legs in stainless steel
Hydraulic control board at sight
CE rules
ETL and GOST certification
Hydraulic lifting system with tilting

Special tensions
Customized dimensions
Scrapers with bowl rotation
Different bowls adjustment
Tefloned chute


Model kW Weight (kg) Voltage Discarge (mm) Lifting capacity (kg)
MACISTE 1300 2.2 480 400/3/50 1300 400
MACISTE 1600 2.2 510 400/3/50 1600 400
MACISTE 1900 2.2 540 400/3/50 1900 400
MACISTE 2700 2.2 560 400/3/50 2700 400
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