Device for instantaneous and continuous mixing of powders and liquids IDROMIX

Idromix rapresents an invention, developed within Sigma, which allows the best possible hydration between flour and water during the first phase of the mixing, encouraging an intimate union between solid and liquid particles. The Idromix device is capable of strengthening hydration of the various flour components, improving total water absorption of the dough and speeding up the mixing phase. Therefore, thanks to the forced spraying, the flour particles are uniformly coated with a thin layer of water capable of hydrating them in a fast and effective manner; in this way oxidation in the gluten mesh and its orientation is reduced: workability of the dough is improved significantly and the resulting alveolation of the bread is finer, more regular and therefore a more homogeneous leavening of the product because of an improved dispersion of yeast cells. Idromix allows to mix together with water other functional ingredients dispersed on a liquid base, so that they are distributed uniformly in the dough. In this way it is possible to obtain an enhanced effect which reduces the dosage of improvement agents and, in certain cases, dough resting time. Into the mixing chamber the solid and liquid particles are therefore combined and instantaneously ejected downwards. The immediately obtained product is a premixed dough which, once introduced into the removable bowl of a mixer, allows straight the second speed of the mixer, necessary to obtain the correct gluten mesh and therefore a perfect mix.

Better hydration and distribution of the ingredients
Speeding up the mixing phase and reducing the temperature of the dough