Square divider SQ

This machine is especially suitable to divide soft doughs for baguette, long loafs, etc. It produces squared pieces in various divisions and sizes and afterwards they can be shaped or extended. The characteristics are: • Structure of electrowelded steel sheet • Parts in contact with the dough are in stainless steel or in polyethylene suitable for food • Servomechanisms moved by an hydraulic station • Pressing time can be regulated by PLC • Working cycle, pressing, cutting and lid opening are completely automatic • Button for knives cleaning Some models allow to select two kinds of size (10 or 20 otherwise 15 or 30). Semiautomatic models, named SA, allow to set manually a working cycle, pressing and cutting through a selector with manual lid opening.

Painted galvanized and electro-welded steel structure
Aluminium cast cover
Stainless steel knives and basin
Food-safe polyethylene presses
CE rules
ETL, CSA certified

Special tensions
Different cutting grid shapes for SQGSA


ModelTypekWWeight (kg)VoltagePieces nr.Pieces (gr min/max)
SQM 20Manuale0.752402080/350
SQ 20Automatica0.75250400/3/5020150/800
SQ 24Automatica0.75250400/3/5024120/650
SQ 30Automatica0.75250400/3/503090/530
SQ 20 SASemiautomatica0.75240400/3/5020150/800
SQ 24 SASemiautomatica0.75240400/3/5024120/650
SQ 30 SASemiautomatica0.75240400/3/503090/530
SQ 20 SA MSemiautomatica maggiorata0.75240400/3/5020150/1000
SQGSASemiautomatica con griglie0.75240400/3/5020150/1000
PBAPressa burro0.75240400/3/5010/20000