Spiral mixers with removable bowl SILVER (SL)

The VE series, spiral mixers with removable bowl are the latest production for advanced performance and high expertise. Great results are achieved for bread dough, thanks to the excellent refining process and oxygenation. In addition, these spiral mixers can knead all types of yeast dough and baking mixtures (for mixtures with less than 50% humidity see technical adviser). The motor that activates the spiral has been widely regulated, with a greater power supply, therefore it can function under the hardest situations. The rotation of the bowl is guaranteed by the friction wheels and works due to an independent transmission motor that allows the bowl an inverse rotation, as well. It is possible to open and close the machine so the bowl can be pulled out thanks to a hydraulic system with a large-sized piston and an independent station. During the kneading procedure, it is blocked by a high-powered, reliable electromagnetic system The control panel is located in a comfortable spot (usually on the right) and is equipped with opening and closing switches, while the operative part is commanded by 2 timers with a 1st and 2nd speed that can be programmed automatically. The electrical part is located in the same watertight box with an antidust pressurization system, that is very comfortable for eventual inspections and ordinary maintenance.

Bowl, spiral, shaft in stainless steel
Two motors: 1 for the 2 speeds spiral and 1 for the bowl with inversion
Bowl jogs button
Electromechanical control panel with 2 timers
Electromagnetic hook for bowl
Stainless steel Adjustable feet
Pressurized electrical board
Mixer head driven by hydraulic System
Safety protection bar
CE rules

Special tools
Special tensions
Higher power versions
PLC control panel
Bowl and spiral control speed
Drain bowl cap
Water dosing
Stainless steel version
Temperature probe


ModelkWWeight (kg)VoltageBowl (Lt.)Max flour (kg)Min water (LT.)
SILVER 50 Trifase1.9/2.6182400/3/50673017
SILVER 50 Monofase1.9/2.6182220/1/50673017
SILVER 60 Trifase1.9/2.6192400/3/50813521
SILVER 60 Monofase1.9/2.6192220/1/50813521
SILVER 60 PLUS2.0/3.7320400/3/501004021
SILVER 802.0/3.7330400/3/501305030
SILVER 1202.6/4.8490400/3/501707545
SILVER 1603.7/7.75690400/3/5023010060
SILVER 160 HD3.7/7.75690400/3/5023010060
SILVER 2005.9/10.3750400/3/5029012575
SILVER 200 HD5.9/10.3750400/3/5029012575
SILVER 2806.5/11.0830400/3/50420175105
SILVER 280 HD6.5/11.0830400/3/50420175105
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