Bench spiral mixers with fixed bowl TAURO

TAURO are the classic kneaders for pizzeria or for mixing small quantities of bread dough. The shape of the spiral, the relationship of its diameter with the bowl, together with the spiral and bowl revolutions provide the best dough results, while the presence of the central shaft improves the efficiency of the kneading machine. All the parts in contact with the dough are in stainless steel, the control panel simple and functional respects the rules in force. • More powerful: the efficient transmissions supply the highest torque values on the spiral. • More reliable: all the kinematic motions turn on prelubricated bearings. The belts are inextensible. No maintenance is necessary. • Control panel, push buttons and timer with watertight seals. • New upper cover with “easy to use and clearly visible” frontal controls. • Stainless steel AISI 204 grid. • Bowl with a well rounded bottom to avoid fl our stagnation.

Stainless steel bowl, spiral, shaft and grid
Kinematic motion on pre-lubricated ball bearings
Frontal control panel with watertight seals (Tauro 12 and 18 not included)
Well rounded bottom bowls
Transmission with inextensible toothed Belts
CE rules
GOST certification

Special tensions
Drain bowl cap
Stainless steel version


ModelkWWeight (kg)Bowl (Lt.)Diametro vasca (mm)Max flour (kg)Min water (Lt.)
TAURO 120.554516320X2107.54.1
TAURO 180.554621360X210116
TAURO 220.756729400X23012.57.5
TAURO 22 a 2 Velocità0.8/1.16729400X23012.57.5
TAURO 250.757232400X260169
TAURO 25 a 2 Velocità0.8/1.17232400X260169
TAURO 300.757541450X26018.510
TAURO 30 a 2 Velocità0.8/1.17541450X26018.510
TAURO 351.18848450X3002212
TAURO 35 a 2 Velocità1.2/1.558848450X3002212
TAURO 401.19660500X3002515
TAURO 40 a 2 Velocità1.2/1.559660500X3002515
TAURO 35 Automatic1.2/1.558848450X3002212
TAURO 40 Automatic1.2/1.5510260500X3002515
TAURO 25 Plus a 2 Velocità1.2/1.557532400X260169
TAURO 35 Plus a 2 Velocità1.2/1.559048450X3002212
TAURO 40 Plus a 2 Velocità1.2/1.5510060500X3002515