Volumetric Divider

The suction divider presented here is a machine providing top performance, guaranteed by accurate sturdy mechanical technology. The dividing principle is exclusively based on dough suction, in order to ensure minimum dough ill-treatment during processing and a constant precise weight. The machine shows its best efficiency when processing soft dough mixes (60% water or more), where delicate operations are essential to obtain good bread-making results. 4 standard models are currently available for portions of 30 to 1200 g, while two-piston dividers are available on request. A stepless speed change gear allows the hourly production to be adapted to individual user’s requirements, guaranteeing up to about 2000 pieces/hour. The moderate overall machine dimensions make it possible to fully exploit the space available in the bakery; the machine is provided with wheels, which means it can be easily moved around when cleaning the room. It is usually provided with a stainless steel hopper having a capacity of 40 kg of dough mix, however larger hoppers are available to allow the machine to be used within continuous production plants. Easy operation, high reliability, sturdy structure and accurate finish undoubtedly make it one of the safest machines available on the market today. The divider-rounder model is supplied with a special belt having a transversal Teflon bar, which allows the pieces to be well rounded.

Suction piston system with double cam
Soft dividing without compression
Close circuit lubrication
Speed variator
Production 1000÷2400 PCS/HR
Standard hopper 40 kg
Piston Ø mm 90 from gr 30 to 400
Piston Ø mm 110 from gr 50 to 600
Piston Ø mm 120 from gr 80 to 950
Piston Ø mm 135 from gr 140 to 1300

Special tensions
Special Hoppers (80-160-200 Lt.)
Stainless steel version
Inverter speeds controls


Model kW Weight (kg) Voltage
VOLUMETRIC DIVIDER 1.5 595 400/3/50
VOLUMETRIC DIVIDER + R (con arrotondatore) 1.5 609 400/3/50