Spiral mixer lifters HERCULES

Born from a logistics need in the production of dough, it has the duty to lift and discharge wheeled bowls at pre-set heights from min. m 2,2 to max m 3,8. We wanted a device able to discharge at variable and remarkable heights but without too big dimensions for an easy transport, installation and room rationalization. As a matter of fact its dimensions, when the machine is closed, do not overpass 2,2 m, therefore it is suitable for trucks, containers and so on. The principle is simple: a standard structure of an elevator trolley with a maximum load of 2500 kg, a well-tried and reliable element. A discharging structure with double, perfectly balanced pistons has been made; the whole device is mounted on a stand with support and fixing legs suitable to the lifter. Inside the support a largely dimensioned hydraulic control unit is located for a continuous use. On completion of the security systems, the area where the trolley operates is protected by a ring that delimits the space under the bowl itself. It is possible, on demand, to close it in a box with a safety gate to delimit the zone of potential danger. Maximum lifting weight 800 kg.

Unloading height adjustment system from 2270 to 3800mm
Very reduced overall dimensions when lifter is closed
Indipendent tilting system with couple of hydraulic pistons
Floor supporting legs in stainless steel
Safety protection ring
Hydraulic control board inside the basement
CE rules
ETL and GOST certification


Special tensions
Customized dimensions
Scrapers with bowl rotation
Different bowls adjustment
Tefloned chute


Model kW Weight (kg) Voltage Discarge (mm) Lifting capacity (kg)
HERCULES 3600 3 980 400/3/50 2270/3600 800
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