Hexagonal divider SME

The presented dividers are planned to divide batches of dough for bread in 37 pieces of hexagonal shape. The dimension of the hexagon can be of 57 or 62 in the increased version. The pieces of dough can be used for puffed bread or they can be rounded or rolled afterwards to obtain any desired shape. The general features are: • Structure of stove enamelled electrowelded sheet • Bowl, knives and lid plate in stainless steel • Pressure rollers in acetalic resin suitable for food For manual versions the movements are produced by leverisms and for the automatic versions the servomechanisms have oil-pressure controls. Pressing time can be regulated by PLC while working cycle, pressing, cutting and lid opening are completely automatic. The control panel is provided with a button for the knives cleaning.

Painted galvanized and electro-welded steel structure
Aluminium cast cover
Stainless steel knives and basin
Food-safe polyethylene presses
CE rules
ETL, CSA certified

Special tensions


Model Type kW Weight (kg) Voltage Pieces nr. Pieces (gr min/max)
SME 37 Manuale 175 37 30/130
SE 37 Automatica 0.75 230 400/3/50 37 30/130