Overturnable spiral mixer SAU

The SAU line of overturnable mixers is available in models of 120, 160, 200, 280 kg of dough. These mixers enable to empty automatically the dough from the bowl onto a table or in a divider. Designed to suit to a specific configuration, these models offer an efficient solution to reduce the need of man labour during dough processing. Based on a sturdy and reliable structure, the SAU models can intensively be used in operation and require very little maintenance works.

Overturnable mixer made of Silver spiral mixer and screw system lifter
Fall-arrest system
A solid and sturdy structure in high thickness steel sheet
Right/left discharging side table/hopper high
Bowl inversion button
CE rules
ETL and GOST certification

Programmable electronic control panel with 2 timers
Special tension
PLC control panel
Bowl and spiral control speed
Stainless steel version
Temperature probe


ModelLifter kWMixer kWWeight (kg)VoltageBowl (Lt.)
SAU B 802.202.0/3.71280400/3/50130
SAU T 802.202.0/3.71580400/3/50130
SAU B 1202.202.6/4.81300400/3/50170
SAU T 1202.202.6/4.81600400/3/50170
SAU B 1602.203.7/7.751600400/3/50230
SAU B 160 HD2.203.7/7.751600400/3/50230
SAU T 1602.203.7/7.751900400/3/50230
SAU T 160 HD2.203.7/7.751900400/3/50230
SAU B 2002.205.9/10.31900400/3/50230
SAU B 200 HD2.205.9/10.31650400/3/50290
SAU T 2002.205.9/10.31950400/3/50290
SAU T 200 HD2.205.9/10.31950400/3/50290
SAU B 2802.206.5/11.01700400/3/50420
SAU B 280 HD2.206.5/11.01700400/3/50420
SAU T 2802.206.5/11.02000400/3/50420
SAU T 280 HD2.206.5/11.02000400/3/50420